Well this is it, I am FINALLY starting the blog I have been wanting to write for YEARS. It is however, FAR FAR from how I originally envisioned starting things. My original plan for this website was to fill it with blogs about my life experiences of growing and preserving my own food, outdoor adventures, trying new things, and overcoming obstacles. I did NOT envision it starting out with my diagnosis of cancer and stories of my colon. But, life likes to throw little (sometimes big) curve balls and to be honest, if it wasn't for my recent diagnosis of cancer, I probably would have continued to push this website off for another 5 more years. This is, however; just the beginning and in time I do plan on filling this website with all kinds of interesting stories of discovering what's possible in many different avenues of life. 

For now though I invite you to follow me on my journey from a diagnosis of cancer to full health because yes, you just read it, that's what I am going to achieve! Be warned you will be reading incredibly vulnerable, authentic and often crude tales of my experiences. I am writing with the goal of sharing knowledge and bringing smiles to your faces so be prepared to shed tears, laugh out loud and be inspired.

Peace & Love,