About Me

Why are writing bio's so incredibly challenging??

I don't know, but they are.

Well, that's not true.. I know several reasons why they are, but, that's a conversation for another time and another place. 

To be honest with you, I would rather go sweep the floors and wash the dishes than write this bio (because that's what I do when I am feeling nervous or anxious) so, that is EXACTLY what I am going to go do. A clean house equals a clutter free mind right? Well, yes... sort of. It definitely helps minimize distractions at the very least.  

And yes, I talk to myself, A LOT. In fact, I am leery of people who do not talk to themselves. How the heck do they sort things out? The answer to that question is one I definitely do not know.

ANYWAY... back to this bio which is in fact not a bio at all. Until I figure out how to narrow myself down into a paragraph or two that best describes me, this is what you get. And you know what... now that I read what I have just written here, I can say that it is definitely authentically me. 

Peace and love,

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